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Other Information


There is a map on the KingsAge interface. If a player accesses the map, part of the world will be displayed. Thus a player can get an overview of the premises surrounding his settlements.

Different settlement graphics display the approximate progress of the corresponding settlement. Settlements in vacation mode are displayed in grey. Bonus settlements are displayed with a golden glow.

Additionally, settlements are colourfully highlighted. The caption for it is at the lower edge of the map. As members of an alliance, allies are emphasized. Players with premium accounts can also highlight the map themselves.


In addition to the map, the player also has access to the minimap. This displays a bigger section of the world and displays a clear overview. Colours are used to display the different settlements.

There are different settings in regard to the minimap. Two options are accessible for each player, more are unlocked with a premium account.


The world of KingsAge includes the whole game field. Its construction is the same on every server, however its contents varies. The world is persistent, which means that the users' actions and their effects will still exist even if the player does not play anymore.

Every world consists of 1,000x1,000 tiles that are divided into 'continents'. An area of 100x100 tiles equals one continent. Thus the whole world consists of 10x10 continents.


At the alchemist's you can research techniques. It will cost the player some resources, but will also give him a permanent bonus. Most techniques have an effect on the map's display. Once the technique has been researched once, it becomes global, activated in all player's settlements and does not even have to be researched again. Some techniques have to be additionally activated in the map settings.

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